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Seth Lewis


Senator Seth Lewis’ End of Session Report

blankThe residents of the 24th District sent me to Springfield to find bipartisan solutions to the state’s most pressing problems and to make Illinois a place where people want to live, rather than leave. I have worked very hard to form and nurture relationships with both Republican and Democratic lawmakers, and as a result, I enjoyed many legislative successes this year.

I am pleased to report that several bipartisan bills are making their way to the Governor for his signature. However, there are also bills awaiting final action that continue the State’s unsustainable spending habits and reflect misplaced priorities.

During the summer months, I will be traveling throughout the 24th District, addressing the needs and concerns of residents, and engaging with business owners and community groups. It is always an honor and pleasure to serve you. Should you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to my district office at (630) 349-0645 or email me through the contact form on


Seth Lewis
State Senator, District 24


Senator Seth Lewis Appointed to Senate Republicans’ Budget Negotiation Team

blankAs discussions got underway for the creation of the Fiscal Year 2025 budget, Senator Seth Lewis was appointed by Senate Minority Leader John Curran to serve on the Senate Republicans’ Budget Negotiation Team.

Upon learning of the appointment, Lewis said, “It is a privilege to serve in this capacity and I look forward to having a seat at the table as we discuss spending priorities for the next fiscal year. I know there is much on which we can agree if we respect one another’s opinions, truly listen to each other, and keep an eye on moving Illinois forward on a path that benefits all who live and work here.”

Republicans and Democrats met several times for respectful exchanges of ideas, but unfortunately, in the final weeks of session the Democrats built a budget that excluded most of the Republicans’ priorities.


Majority Party Raises Taxes by $1 Billion in FY 2025 Budget

In May, the majority party in Springfield pushed through a $53 billion budget for Fiscal Year 2025 which includes approximately $1 billion in new taxes.

In response to the budget’s passage, Senator Seth Lewis said, “As lawmakers, we have a duty to create a budget that acknowledges the financial realities faced by the residents of our state. It is crucial that the people we represent receive a transparent and straightforward budget, free from gimmicks, that sets a clear and honest path forward. Every Illinoisan deserves an equal opportunity for prosperity, but regrettably, this budget misses the mark in providing the framework necessary for sustainable progress toward that objective.”

Lewis spoke in opposition to the budget and highlighted vulnerable citizen groups and agencies that were left behind in the FY 2025 budget when it was debated in the Senate. Click here to watch his floor comments.


Republicans Successful in Removing Income Tax Hike from FY 2025 Budget

While Senate Republicans were disappointed with several aspects of the new budget, they were able to secure a significant victory for the taxpayers they represent.

The state’s reliance on income taxes to finance budget expenditures has been growing, particularly as other revenue streams, such as federal COVID funds, diminish. In his FY 2025 budget proposal, the Governor sought to alter the individual income tax personal exemption, effectively subjecting more of taxpayers’ incomes to the State’s 4.95% income tax rate. Republicans were successful in getting the tax increase removed from the final revenue package for the budget.

“Republicans pushed hard to remove this tax increase from consideration,” said Senator Seth Lewis. “I am pleased that the budgeteers from the Democratic Caucus agreed and did not advance the measure. We will have to continue watching the proposal, however, because it could quite likely reappear during next year’s budget talks.”


Lewis Seeks to Strengthen Penalties for Fleeing and Eluding and for Domestic Abusers

blankAmid a concerning rise in incidents involving suspects fleeing from law enforcement, endangering both themselves and motorists, Senator Seth Lewis responded this year by co-sponsoring legislation aimed at holding these individuals accountable.

Senate Bill 1807 proposes tougher penalties for those who flee and elude authorities. Currently categorized as only a Class A misdemeanor, fleeing and eluding would be elevated to a Class 4 felony under this proposal, sending a clear message that offenders will face consequences for their actions.

Additionally, Lewis co-sponsored Senate Bill 3947, which seeks to shift the presumption in domestic violence cases involving bodily injury to a presumption of detainment. This vital measure underscores the State of Illinois’ commitment to holding violent domestic abusers accountable and safeguarding victims, primarily women and children, from further harm or potential retaliation.


Senator Lewis Designates Portion of Route 38 as U.S. Army SSG Robert J. Miller Memorial Highway

Senator Seth Lewis honored U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Robert J. Miller in May by presenting House Joint Resolution 60, which names a section of Illinois Route 38 (Roosevelt Road) in Wheaton in the fallen soldier’s honor. Specifically, the section of Rt. 38 in Wheaton between County Farm Road and Winfield Road will be known as the “U.S. Army SSG Robert J. Miller Memorial Highway.” Click here to watch Lewis’ presentation of the resolution.

Staff Sergeant Miller was a 2002 graduate of Wheaton North High School. He volunteered for military service and enlisted in the U.S. Army on August 14, 2003, as a Special Forces candidate, graduating from the Special Forces Qualification Course in 2005 and earning the coveted Green Beret.

He served during Operation Enduring Freedom and during his deployment he was awarded the Army Commendation Medal with Valor for his courage in the face of the enemy. He also received the Army Good Conduct Medal, the Afghanistan Campaign Medal, the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, two Noncommissioned Officer Professional Development Ribbons, the NATO Medal, the Parachutist Badge, the Ranger Tab, and the Special Forces Tab.

Staff Sergeant Miller was inducted as a Laureate of the Lincoln Academy of Illinois and awarded the Order of Lincoln, the State’s highest honor, in 2012. His extraordinary valor ultimately saved the lives of seven members of his own team and 15 Afghanistan National Army soldiers. He was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his heroism and selflessness.


Legislation to Provide Stability for Abused Children Heads to Governor

Important legislation that ensures children taken into Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) custody don’t have to change schools has been sent to the Governor for his signature. Senator Seth Lewis was a key supporter of the bill.

Currently, when a child is taken into DCFS custody, they often end up in a new home outside of their school district. Senate Bill 2824 ensures that all children who have been removed from their homes by DCFS can stay in the same school if the agency determines it to be in the best interest of the children. This includes situations where a student is moving from elementary to middle school or from middle school to high school within a school district. Allowing children to remain in their current school provides a measure of stability and familiarity for children who desperately need it.


Lewis Supports Legislation to Provide Flexible Daycare Scheduling Options

As families throughout the state struggle to make ends meet due to high inflation and other economic pressures, Senator Seth Lewis was proud to vote in favor of legislation that would support working parents by providing greater flexibility in scheduling childcare.

Most daycare centers operate from 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM, presenting a significant problem for shift workers who often work overnight or early morning hours. Republican legislation that recently cleared the Illinois Senate would create a more flexible childcare system to meet the different needs of working parents.

Senate Bill 3207 authorizes daycare centers to operate for 24 hours and provide childcare for up to 12 hours for parents employed in a position requiring regularly scheduled shifts. A 10-hour period must elapse between daycare visits. The bill cleared both chambers of the General Assembly and has been sent to the Governor.


Senator Seth Lewis Receives National Safety Council’s Advocacy in Safety Award for Illinois

blankThis year, Senator Seth Lewis received the National Safety Council’s (NSC) Advocacy in Safety Award for Illinois. The award recognizes the impact individuals have had on safety in their communities and shows appreciation for collaborative efforts to improve workplace and roadway safety goals.

“It is a distinct honor to be recognized by the National Safety Council for my efforts to improve safety in the 24th legislative district and across Illinois,” said Lewis. “Ensuring the safety of Illinoisans on roadways and in their workplace has been a priority during my tenure in the General Assembly.”

Lewis has been a vocal advocate in Springfield on efforts to improve overall safety and has sponsored several resolutions that seek to improve outcomes for people on the road and at work.


Lewis’ Bipartisan Bill Creating Official State Mushroom Heads to Governor

blankWith widespread bipartisan support received in both chambers of the General Assembly, legislation sponsored by Senator Seth Lewis to designate an official state mushroom has been sent to the Governor’s desk for final action.

Through Senate Bill 3514, the Calvatia Gigantea, or “Giant Puffball” is officially designated as Illinois’ state mushroom. The idea for the bill was brought to the Senator by 3rd through 5th grade students from the Prairie School of DuPage, a Wheaton private school that offers an environmentally focused education for pre-K through 8th grade students.

“I visited with the students last fall, and they expressed their interest in Illinois having a state mushroom,” said Lewis. “They explained how they collected qualitative and quantitative data and surveyed large groups of people. They also outlined how they narrowed the field of finalists through an election process and ultimately came to consensus that the Calvatia Gigantea should be this state’s newest symbol. I was impressed with the depth of their research, and it was a pleasure to carry SB 3514 on their behalf.”

When the bill was heard before the Senate State Government Committee in early March, 25 students from the school joined Lewis for the bill presentation, with one student and one teacher offering testimony. The bill received a unanimous vote for recommended approval.

“It was a valuable learning experience for the students in many different ways,” added Lewis. “In addition to their research on mushrooms native to Illinois, the students received a hands-on civics lesson in how Illinois’ government process works. Most importantly, they learned that even at a young age they can be change-makers.”


Senator Lewis Secures $250,000 in FY 2025 Budget for Wheaton Stoplight Improvement

blankOne of Senator Seth Lewis’ top priorities for 2024 was addressing a key public safety concern on Roosevelt Road in Wheaton, and with approval of the FY 2025 budget, a $250,000 allocation has been earmarked for the installation of a stoplight and crosswalk in the area.

In recent years, a stretch of Roosevelt Road just east of County Farm Road has been the location of three fatalities and more than a dozen injuries involving pedestrians attempting to cross the road. The dangerous stretch of road is near the Marian Park Apartments and St. Francis High School, and across the street from retail shopping establishments and student parking for St. Francis High School.

“IDOT agreed with the need for a stoplight and there was tremendous bipartisan support for this project from many segments of the greater Wheaton community,” said Lewis. “There have been too many pedestrian-vehicle incidents, and we needed to take decisive action to ensure safe passage across this stretch of Route 38.”

In addition to Wheaton residents from the Marian Park Apartments and leaders from St. Francis High School, the stoplight project was a priority for members of the DuPage United citizens group.

“It has been a pleasure to work with the members of DuPage United and other key stakeholders on this vital community improvement,” said Lewis. “And now, with the $250,000 budget allocation and a public-private partnership in place, work can begin right away on this important infrastructure improvement.”


Lewis Supports Legislation to Curb Predatory Practices against Veterans

Senator Seth Lewis supported bipartisan legislation this year that safeguards veterans from predatory practices by so-called “claim sharks” who exploit veterans seeking the benefits they rightly deserve. Senate Bill 3479 enhances the Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Business Practices Act by imposing requirements on companies or entities that offer paid services to assist veterans in applying for benefits.

Through the legislation, these entities must provide both verbal and written disclosure statements at the outset of their engagement with veterans that clarifies that the company or entity is neither endorsed nor sponsored by the U.S. or Illinois Departments of Veterans Affairs, nor any other VA-accredited veteran service organization. Additionally, veterans are informed that the services they are paying for may be available to them for free.

“The disclosure requirements included in SB 3479 should put these bad actors out of business,” said Lewis. “I was happy to support this legislation that protects our veterans from predators.”

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